irrgationwell*CENTRAL PLATTE NRD – Certified irrigation rights presently on 57.3 acres. Exceptionally high depletion rate – 88%

*TRI-BASIN NRD – Available for transfer – certified irrigation rights for 25.77 acres in the Platte water shed of the Tri-Basin NRD

*CENTRAL PLATTE NRD – 65.68 Acres of certified irrigation rights available for transfer in area 9 – northeast of Kearney.

* CENTRAL PLATTE NRD – Available for transfer in the Central Platte NRD certified irrigation rights presently associated with 21.5 acres west of Overton 

*SOLD! CENTRAL PLATTE NRD – Certified irrigation rights for 38.41 acres in the Central Platte NRD. Presently associated with land in Dawson CountySOLD!