Location: From Elwood, 3 miles west on Highway 23 and 1/2 mile north on Road 424. Located 3 miles southwest of Johnson Lake.
Legal Description: West Half and the West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 26, and the Southwest Quarter of Section 23, all in Township 8 North, Range 23 West of the 6th P.M., Gosper County, Nebraska, except the building site of approx. 3.3 acres.
About the Land: 556.7 Acres, more or less, according to the Gosper County Assessor’s records. Excellent quality pivot irrigated cropland with good soils and natural fertility. Includes a Valley 8000 pivot sprinkler w/ corner system – new in 2012, Valley 8000 7 tower pivot – new in 2009, Valley 8000 11 tower pivot system – new in 2008, an 8” well with 100HP electric motor, 8” well with John Deere diesel power unit and a 10” well with 125HP electric motor. Also includes 2 reuse pits. (Note: Each well was
reworked when the pivots were installed)

Farm Service Agency: Corn base – 434.9 acres with 174 bu. PLC yield. Soybean base – 50.5 acres with 52 bu. PLC yield. Wheat base – 7.2 acres with 42 bu. PLC yield.
Natural Resources District: The land is located in the Tri-Basin NRD and has certified irrigation rights for 474.93 acres.

Well Data: (per registration)
South Well – G-069900, March 1985, 360ft. deep, 177ft. static water level, 195ft. pumping level, 1,300 GPM.
Middle Well – G-034607, April 1995, 360ft. deep, 175ft. static water level, 220ft. pumping level, 10” pump col., 1,800 GPM.
North Well – G-039054, June 1973, 377ft. deep, 218ft. static water level, 232ft. pumping level, 1,250 GPM.


Soil Types: 50.4% Hall silt loam rated as Class 1, 40.1% Holdrege silt loam rated as
Class 1&2, small areas of Fillmore silt loam, Coly, Uly, Hobbs silt loams
2018 Taxes: $ 24,574.38
Price and Terms: $ 3,400,000.
(Note: The property can be divided into 3 tracts)

Maps are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to represent precise property lines.