Agricultural Real Estate

Marshall Land Brokers have been dealing with Nebraska land for sale since 1945. We are a family run and operated business and there is no one that knows the Nebraska real estate market better than our team. Many times agricultural properties will go up for sale without ever hitting the market. Our team of highly trained brokers has an extensive network and knowledge of land owners throughout Nebraska. If you’re looking for agricultural properties in Nebraska, please give us a call. We try to keep our site updated but often have properties available that we haven’t even had time to add. 

Nebraska real estate has continued to grow in market value throughout 2021. Our beautiful state has so much to offer when looking for agricultural real estate. Our farm land for sale in Nebraska has a variety of listings that our brokers can take you through. Whether you are a first time land buyer or an experienced farmer or rancher, let us make the process of owning agricultural properties as easy as possible for you.

We are proud of the team we’ve established over the last 76 years. Our business is more than business, it’s family. We’ve invested in our business so we can help you invest in your dreams and your future. Investing in agriculture real estate in Nebraska can offer tax benefits based on crop type and how your investment is structured. Our market usually favors a better property tax rate for agricultural land. Farmland is typically taxed more favorably than residential or commercial real estate. We can help you decipher the benefits of owning your own piece of heaven with an agricultural property right here in Nebraska. Give us a call today and let one of our brokers show you how close you are to owning some beautiful Nebraska land!

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