Current Listings of Land For Sale In Nebraska

Current Listings of Land For Sale In Nebraska

Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers offers farm, agriculture, and ranch land in Kearney, Elm Creek, Alliance, and other Nebraska towns. These types of land properties are important to those selling it and we know how important it is to you, as a buyer. We have many different options to choose from, including residential and commercial properties that are up for sale as well. 

Find Your Next Property

When finding your next property, we have real estate agents that work with you to find the right property you are looking for from our listings. They are the best in the business with up-to-date information on what the market looks like and how it can be best accommodated to you. Our website here has our current listings with pictures, prices, and details. Click on an option to find more information about the property itself.

Property Listings 

Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers has farm properties listed in Nebraska all year round with agricultural availability for timber, row crop, or livestock use. Our farm and ranch land listings for sale have offers from one hundred acres of land or more. There are even motel and recreational vehicle lots listed. For residential buildings, we have building lots and small houses currently available. 

Quality Rural Real Estate

Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers is well-known in Nebraska for successfully listing, auctioning, and selling farm and agricultural land. When it comes to auctions, we have an assortment of land and equipment options featuring trucks, tractors, and more. We have plenty of experience and knowledge to help you find prosperous land for any need, such as farm, agricultural, and residential or commercial properties.

Call Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers or click on a listing and contact the real estate agent for more information about the right property on sale for you today.

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