Retirement Farm Machinery

Thursday - December 8th - 10:00AM
Bertrand, Nebraska

ONLINE BIDDING: Available on major items. Pre-registration required.

BRS Farms, Randy Nelson - owner

Auction Site: 10414 746 Rd. Bertrand NE.

From Bertrand, 8 miles north on A Rd. and 3 miles east on 746 Rd. From Overton and I-80 interchange, 1.2 miles south on Rd. 444, .4 miles west on 748 Rd., 2 miles south on E Rd., 1 miles west on 746 Rd.


2014 John Deere S660 STS Combine, hydrostatic trans., 2 spd. stalk chopper, 2WD, Mauer bin extensions, 1,334 sep. hrs., 1,742 eng. hrs. SN: 1H0S660SPE0765787

John Deere 708C 8R36″ Corn head, single point hookup, hyd. deck plates

2014 MacDon FD 75-S Flex Drapper, 30ft., hyd. lift reel, SN: 245930


2007 John Deere 8230 MFWD Tractor, 4,834 hrs., rear wheel wts & spacers, 4 hyd., large 1000 PTO, hyd. 3rd length, 16 front weights, 480/80R46 rear dual tires, 380/85R34 front tires, SN: RW82300P15880

2003 John Deere 8320 MFWD Tractor, 8,387 hrs., rear wheel wts. & spacers, 20 frt. wts., 4 hyd., large 1000 PTO, hyd. 3rd length, 480/80R46 rear dual tires, 380/85R34 front tires, SN: RW8320P013961


John Deere MaxEmerge Plus 12R36 Planter, Clean Sweep Yetter furrow openers with pneumatic pressure, compressor and monitor, Delta Force Precision Planting w/hyd. down force, Precision meters & boxes, SureFire fertilizer pumps w/dual 12V electric & flow meter, Keeton in-furrow seed firmers, stablizer wheels, large seed boxes, markers & Lofquist closing wheels

Schaben 72ft. Sprayer, 3pt., nozzles on 18″, folding, hy-pro hyd. pump, JD rate controller, Banjo in-line strainer, machine uses JD 2600 series tractor monitor (not included), master on/off pedal included, 5 section control, hyd. height control


John Deere 644B Wheel Loader, 8ft. bucket, 20.5-25 tires, SN: 644BA400133DW

2013 Freightliner, Eaton 10spd. trans., 774,886 miles, twin screw, 11R-22.5 tire, VIN: 1FUJ6BDV1DLFE6237

Landoll 6230-29 Disk, 29ft., hyd. rolling baskets, non-rollable blades, 21″ blades, 9″ spacing, hyd. leveling

2004 Merritt 42ft. Grain Trailer, double hopper bottom, rollover tarp

Hawkins 12R36 Ridger on Agri-Products 3pt. Bar, rippers, gauge wheels, folding, SN: 101240

Orthman 9300 12R36 Cultivator, dual front wheels on all rows, baring off disks, sweeps, ridger wings, shields, sweeps are 11″ long & 16″ wide, folding bar

Orthman 5000SP 12R36 Stalk Puller, folding bar, gauge wheels, on Orthman  686-515 Bar w/SN: 3810-1

John Deere 2100 Deep Ripper, 3pt., 7 shank, 36″ w/closing wheels

J&M Manufacturing 1051 GrainStorm Grain Cart, w/tarp

Rhino RC118 Shredder, 3pt., 6R36″, large 1000 PTO, 4 rear gauge wheels, 1 season on knives, SN: 10065

John Deere 960 Field Conditioner, pull-type, 32ft., 3 bar lift harrow

ADS 2 Box Seed Tender, with Honda engine, wired & wireless remotes, SN: 5113

Allis-Chalmers Forklift, on propane, with extra bottle

Rhino Turbo120 Shredder, 10ft., 3pt., PTO, includes both PTO shafts, SN: 11438

Big Dog Box Scraper, pull-type, 12ft., SN: H2012801394

West Point Design Spread-All Manure Spreader, manufactured floor with end gate, 18ft. X 7ft.

John Deere 10ft. Blade, 3pt., all hydraulic

Custom Made Double Bale Fork, 3pt., Category 2 or 3

Custom Made Fuel Trailer, 500 gal. fuel tank, air tank, set up for pneumatic flow air pressure to pump fuel

IHC 155 Two-Way Plow, 5 bottom, 3pt.

Flatbed Semi Trailer, 30ft, 2,500 gal. nurse tank, Honda engine & pump induction cone

1993 Kawasaki Bayou 4 Wheeler

John Deere StareFire 3000 GPS Globe,  SN: PCGT3TA317000

John Deere StarFire RTK 6000 GPS Globe, 435-470 HHz

GreenStar 2600 Monitor, SF1 & SF2 activated

GreenStar 2630 Monitor

SureFire Tower w/Rate Controller

Northern Industrial Tools, 1 Inch Impact Air Wrench w/1″ sockets

(2) Header Trailers

Agri-Products 200 gal. Saddle tanks & brackets

John Deere 6059 Diesel Engine,  needs overhaul, murphy gauges, cluth, SN: T06059D497078

MC 6R36″ Stalk Shredder, pull-type

Eversman Ditcher, pull-type, w/hyd. cylinder

IHC 18ft. Tandem Disc

(2) Neptune Chemigation Units on carts, one with bad motor

(2) Orthman Guidance Systems & Monitors

IHC Field Cultivator, 15ft., 3pt.

Geneva Pivot Track Closer, 3pt., rolling drum

TERMS: Payment in full by cash or approved check day of auction. I.D. required. $25 title fee on titled vehicles. Everything sells in “as-is” condition – no warranties. Not responsible for accidents.

Lunch Available by Nelson’s Camp Stove

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