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Nebraska, with its vast landscapes and fertile grounds, offers some exceptional land opportunities for those looking to invest in agriculture, development, or simply seeking a slice of serene countryside. Let’s take a closer look at some of our featured land listings in the heart of the Cornhusker State.

74 Acres of Prime Irrigated Cropland in Buffalo County

This 74-acre tract stands out with its premium location and top-tier agricultural prospects. Featuring primarily Class 1 rated soils and an electric irrigation well, this land is a dream for any serious farmer or investor. Situated conveniently next to Highway 183, just half a mile south of Elm Creek, it combines accessibility with agricultural excellence.

Expansive 2,017.17 Acres Grassland in Dawson & Custer Counties

A rare gem in the realm of rangeland, this 2,017.17-acre contiguous tract of grassland is a testament to meticulous management. With 5 electric submersible wells, numerous dams/ponds, and robust corrals and loading facilities, it’s equipped for substantial livestock operations. Located 10 miles north of Cozad on Rd. 421, this property’s excellent condition and aerial spraying history make it an outstanding investment.

1,005.5 Acres of Prime Grassland in Dawson County

Another remarkable listing is this 1,005.5-acre tract of well-managed grassland. Accessible from Hwy 21 and only 10 miles north of Lexington, it features solar-powered wells, a windmill well, and high-quality fencing. The property’s top-notch corral and loading facilities, coupled with consistent aerial spraying, highlight its exceptional rangeland management.

Prime Development Land in Buffalo County

For those eyeing a development venture, this 7.13-acre parcel is a golden opportunity. Located east of the Northeast Quadrant of Elm Creek & Interstate 80 Interchange, it boasts a frontage along Interstate 80. In 2022, it recorded a staggering annual truck and traffic count of approximately 8.2 million, underscoring its potential as a lucrative investment.

78.01 Acres of Well-Located Land in Kearney

Last but not least, this 78.01-acre parcel near Kearney is ideal for rural development or as a peaceful country home. Located on the corner of 56th Street and Dove Hill Road, just northwest of Kearney, it features gently rolling terrain and an open area, offering direct access from 56th St.

Each of these properties represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of Nebraska’s fertile and picturesque landscape. Whether you’re looking for agricultural, livestock, or development potential, these lands promise a blend of productivity, location, and scenic beauty. Explore these listings to find your perfect match in the heart of Nebraska.

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