Nebraska Ranch for Sale

Image of 443 N Tyler

If you are in the market for a small ranch style home, then we might have the perfect home for you. Located in Elm Creek there is a gorgeous, small Nebraska ranch for sale. Located near a park, school and pool, this is the perfect home for a small family with plenty to do around the home. At Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers, we want to make sure you can get the best ranch real estate

Why Pick 443 N Tyler?

This small ranch style home is modern and recently renovated. With a pretty blue exterior it is sure to catch the eye and impress visitors with how nice it appears. The home has two bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as a large living room and dining room. The kitchen has a high counter where barstools can be placed for extra seating, and there is plenty of cabinet space. There is a large, fenced in backyard with a wooden patio that has perfect space for outdoor seating. This piece of ranch real estate is listed at $149,900 and might be perfect for you and your family.

Why Choose Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers?

At Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers we are constantly looking for perfect Nebraska ranches for sale as well as agricultural real estate. Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers has been servicing the Nebraska area in real estate and auctions since 1984. We have a team of professionals ready to help you find a Nebraska ranch for sale or farm land for sale in Nebraska. Marshall Land Brokers and Auctioneers is a future focused company, looking to help you prepare for the future. We specialize in auctions, agricultural real estate, and residential and commercial real estate. 

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