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A Spotlight on the Land Market: Recent Trends and Insights

Recent trends in the agricultural land market have been nothing short of dynamic, reflecting a series of factors that contribute to the value and desirability of Nebraska real estate. Here we explore these trends, drawing upon key insights from the February 2023 survey conducted by Jim Jansen & Jeffrey Stokes from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

The Rise in Demand: What are Land Prices Doing?

We get asked all of the time, what are land prices doing? The real estate market has seen an upswing in interest for farmland and ranchland, particularly in Nebraska. With strong demand comes higher land prices, sometimes record prices on the best quality land. This robust demand can be attributed to several factors ranging from financial security to lifestyle choices. Here’s a deeper dive into the reasons behind this strong buyer demand and continued support for higher prices.

How Technology has Revolutionized the Land Auction Business

In the past, if you wanted to buy a piece of land at auction, you would have to travel there in person, endure the elements, and engage in a bidding war with other prospective buyers, all the while hoping that you were making a sound investment. Today, thanks to the power of technology, the land auction business has been revolutionized. Let’s explore how these changes have shaped the landscape of land buying and selling.

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